Transforming internal resources into competitive advantages

When certain changes in your business require temporary support for your sales force, ataWay management, with its multi-sector expertise in the perfumes and cosmetics sector, can work alongside your teams.

Skills Management in the Cosmetics Industry

Excellence in the cosmetics industry is not just about the products you offer, but also about the skills and expertise of your team. At ataWay management, we understand that the beauty and cosmetics industry is both highly competitive and constantly evolving.

In this context, the ability to manage is essential to your company’s success.

To turn your advantages into competitive advantages, managerial skills, like management skills, are an important asset.

We carry out internal diagnostics in the following specific areas:


Our Team of Cosmetics Experts: Your Asset for Cosmetic Success

Our team of experts is made up exclusively of highly experienced professionals from the world of beauty and cosmetics. With our multi-sector expertise in this field, we are able to offer you customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your cosmetics business…

Beauty Core Competencies: Excellence for Your Brand

In a field where creativity and innovation are crucial, we’re convinced that employee cohesion is essential to success.

Technical skills are necessary, but it’s how your team members work together that can really make the difference.

That’s why we focus on skills assessment while putting people at the heart of your business.

We work closely with your teams to create an environment where talent can flourish, fostering innovation and creativity.

Personalized Diagnosis for Your Cosmetic Success

Every cosmetics company is unique, with its own challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we carry out a personalized internal diagnosis to determine the key aspects that have the greatest impact on your success:

Sales skills: Attracting and retaining customers

In the cosmetics industry, sales management and customer relations are crucial. We assess the skills needed to develop and maintain a solid customer base, as well as to keep up with ever-changing market trends.

Marketing skills - Be at the forefront of cosmetics strategy

Effective promotion of cosmetic products requires specific marketing skills. We analyze these skills to help you develop targeted marketing strategies and achieve your marketing objectives.

Financial Skills - Maximize Your Profitability

Optimizing financial management is essential for profitable growth. We work with you to maximize your company's financial efficiency, ensuring judicious allocation of resources and prudent cost management.

Managerial Skills - Leadership at the Heart of Your Performance

Leadership and team management are key to making the most of your internal resources. We focus on these skills to maximize your company's overall performance.

Continuous Cosmetics Skills Development

To remain competitive in the beauty and cosmetics market, it’s essential that your teams continually develop their skills in an ever-changing environment.

To achieve this goal, we put in place plans to increase efficiency and innovation within your company:

Developing "collective intelligence" by stimulating teams

Developing business skills to improve team performance

Coaching for Cosmetic Success: Achieve Your Goals with Confidence

We create the right processes and tools to achieve your goals. Our approach is to identify the skills you need to ensure your long-term success. We are here to help, advise and guide you in the development of your cosmetics business.

At ataWay management, we’re proud to be a consultancy specializing in the beauty and cosmetics business.

We understand the unique challenges of this dynamic sector, and are there where you can’t be to help you successfully navigate this demanding world.

Enhancing human capital

Our other management activities

ataWay votre spécialiste cosmétique

Strategic management

As specialists in business transformation, we are experienced in all facets of international business, management and corporate leadership.

Interim management

We propose interim managers from our team, who will be immediately operational in your company's environment, and will be totally dedicated to their mission thanks to their know-how and experience in the cosmetics sector.

Operational management

Our expert vision and perfect understanding of the cosmetics ecosystem, coupled with medium- and long-term strategies for the day-to-day management of your business, enable us to manage and monitor our assignments.

Focus on skills management

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The main objective is to optimize your company’s human resources, focusing on developing your team’s skills and expertise.

By improving individual and collective performance, but also by promoting innovation and maintaining the competitiveness of a company in the cosmetics industry.

Competency management involves identifying, assessing, developing and applying the skills needed within a company. It includes steps such as skills needs analysis, employee training and development, the creation of career plans, and the implementation of a continuous learning culture.

Skills play an essential role in the success of a cosmetics company. They enable individuals to perform tasks efficiently, make informed decisions and contribute to innovation. Collectively, a team’s skills are crucial to your company’s growth and competitiveness.

Competency assessment tools can include individual interviews, performance appraisals, competency tests, self-assessments, and assessments based on key performance indicators. The choice of tools depends on your company’s specific needs.

To build a competency grid, start by identifying the key competencies required for each position or role within your company. Next, assess the level of mastery of each skill for each employee, and create a skills matrix to make it easier to monitor and plan skills development.

Developing the skills of your team is essential in the cosmetics industry, which is a constantly evolving field. It enables you to stay competitive, adapt to new trends and technologies, improve the quality of your products and services, and attract and retain customers through increased and recognized expertise.

Our strategic support begins with a personalized diagnostic to understand your company’s needs. We then develop customized skills development plans, set up training programs, encourage collaboration within your teams, and monitor progress to ensure continuous improvement.

Working with our company to improve managerial skills has several major advantages.

Firstly, it ensures more effective leadership, with managers able to motivate and lead their teams to optimum effect. What’s more, better team management leads to higher productivity and more constructive conflict management.

By working with our company, you will benefit from our expertise in developing these essential managerial skills, which will have a positive impact on your business.