Are you looking for high-level operational and managerial skills for a limited period of time? With our extensive experience in the senior excutive and company management functions in France and internationally, we provide a quick response to all your needs.

You want to replace one of your managers temporarily, get assistance with a projet or advice concerning an issue, have a strategic plan, immediately implement a recovery plan for an entity in France or abroad. ataWay management offers you one of its team’s interim managers who will be operational immediately in your company’s environment and will devote themself fully to their mission thanks to their expertise and their experience with the cosmetics sector.

  • ASSIST AND SUPPORT project development
  • REORGANIZE a struggling entity
  • TRANSFORM an activity to stimulate it
  • REPLACE one of your managers temporarily
  • GET ADVICE concerning a project or an issue “


You need occasional and quick projet assistance and support

To open up a new country / market

To support the establishment of the strategic plan

To establish a subsidiary abroad without disrupting your existing structures

To develop and expand your distribution


You manage subsidiaries at a distance that are neglected due to a lack of time

You have doubts concerning the prospects and maintenance of this subsidiary

You need to turn sales around in your market

You think you have the internal and local structures necessary to do this and yet…

You want to have a strategic reorganization and recovery plan


You want to transform an activity to stimulate it

Your marketing (strategic & operational) isn't working

Your business model

By reogranizing a sales force to make it more effective

Your training (sales, conquest & business) to make it more efficient

By negotiating with customers and key accounts


Temporarily replace one of your managers for an extended absence

In the meantime, you absolutely need this position covered

You want to hire a future manager but above all you want to take the time to find the right candidate

Interim Management for senior management functions (Executive, Sales, International and Marketing)


You want to have an economic and financial performance diagnosis and get strategic recommendations concerning an entity

You want to achieve external growth but you don't have the time or you want to sell your company and you don't know how

Get advice concerning a strategic repositioning

You face your management decisions alone, and you need to challenge yourself or discuss your issues

You need to know if your teams in place have the right profiles